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If you're reading this, it's because you want to learn how to do paper quilling and haven't been able to find the information you need. You may even be here because one of your friends told you about this course…our reputation is spreading fast!

Maybe you came here because you couldn't find any easy instructions you need to create a certain quilled design. Maybe it's because you're considering Quilling as a hobby, like thousands of others are recently discovering, but don't know where to start.

You may even be here because one of your friends told you about this course…our reputation is spreading fast!

Hi, I'm Jenn, and I'm a stay-at-home wife from North Carolina. I love quilling and I love teaching it to others. I'm also a member of the North American Quilling Guild - an organization committed to providing support and assistance to help quillers discover and perfect their quilling technique.

I first started paper quilling when I stumbled on some amazing quilling photos a good while back. I immediately had an overwhelming need to learn this amazingly fun and beautiful paper craft.

At first I tried my best to learn quilling out of a book, but soon found out it was almost impossible to follow quilling instruction books. It seemed impossible to make the same design they showed off so perfectly!

You probably know what I mean – it doesn't matter how hard you try (I know, I spent HOURS doing research on over 1,491 websites and in many, many books!) – the instructions sound like they're for building the space shuttle. There's usually only a picture with no real quality instructions, or the pictures look like ink blots instead of paper coils – but in any case, they're NO help at all!

If you're like most people, most books will just make you throw up your hands and walk away from Quilling completely!

After a lot of frustration, hours of self-help, and WEEKS of practice, I managed to discover the art of Quilling by studying thousands of pages of books and articles and instructional guides. At long last I began to amaze myself and my friends with my intricate quilled paper crafts and got tons of compliments.

Shortly after that I had the desire to teach others to do quilling too with my secret tips and comprehensive DVD instructions, and before I knew it I found hundreds of other people who wanted to learn how to do Paper Quilling with ease too!

Along the way I discovered the joy of making amazing, unique Quilled designs, and I want to share that joy with you. Quilling can be an easy, inexpensive, and productive way to spend hours of quality time enjoying a craft. Plus, it's an art that can be done with your children.

Whether it becomes a lucrative business or remains a soothing hobby for you, I'm certain that you'll be thrilled you decided to take this easy, simple, and inexpensive step.

"Finally! Everything I need to know about Quilling from the VERY first step!"

Whatever your reason for being here, Congratulations – you have just found what I believe to be the Fastest, Easiest, Most Clear, and Most Comprehensive Quilling course anywhere!

Whether you're looking for Quilling Patterns for Flowers, Animals, Holidays/Special Occasions, Hearts, Trees, Numbers, Letters, or just about any other object you can think of, you'll find Everything You Need on "Secrets To Quilling Success" course with 5 DVDs (shipped directly to you) and a Downloadable Manual.


Secrets To Quilling Success
Easy Step-By-Step Instructions To Making Quilling Designs
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"Why Learn Paper Quilling?"

bullet Discover a New Skill – Quilling is a skill you can learn and will stay with!
bullet Scrapbooking or Card Making Embellishments – Quilling makes beautiful embellishments for scrapbooking and card making that really will help to jazz up your creations and make them stand out!
bullet Great Family Activity – Your family will love spending quality time with you choosing quilling patterns and embellishments, and discovering how to make their own creations! Children especially love Quilling!
bullet Inexpensive – In these times of economic uncertainty, cost is important to most families, and this is an activity that costs pennies to create! And you probably have most of the supplies already at home!
bullet Envy of the Friends – We all want to showcase our creativity and Quilling is a fantastic way to create crafts that others will think you spent tons of time and energy to create!
bullet Home Business Income – Supplement your family income during hard economic times by learning how to sell your quilled creations at craft fairs and online with my tips and ideas to profiting from your Quilling craft skills!

"What all do I Get With Secrets to Quilling Success?"

That's a great question, and one I always look forward to answering, because it gives me a chance to boast! Let's face it – Quilling can be complicated and it's not easy to learn.

In fact, the only way to Make it easy is to break it down into steps, and Secrets To Quilling Success is the only course I know of that breaks the process down into simple, easy to learn steps that any beginner can follow, on 5 DVDs - after all, watching is the easiest way to learn as we all know.

You're about to get the Most Comprehensive Beginners Quilling course available anywhere!

In no time at all you'll be creating Beautiful Quilling Designs perfect for your scrapbooking pages and home-made greeting cards, Quickly and Easily, and all without any expensive gadgets and gizmos. You don't need to waste dozens of hours researching this unique craft because I've done it all for you!

First of all, remember that you get 5 professional high quality content DVDs shipped right to your doorstep, and a full high quality easy to follow downloadable Manual emailed to you. The DVDs are your step by step guide to Quilling and the manual is full of my tips and secrets along with easy to follow photos.

I offer both of these because I find that some people are visual learners and others like to learn through doing, and everyone learns at a different speed – so this fool-proof system lets everyone discover the way they learn best.

Second, I took the time to make sure that you'll be able to easily follow each and every step of the way so you can learn quilling with ease. I created this course to help beginner quillers learn better than from any other ebook, book, or kit on the market.

Unlike most competitive products – if you can even find them – you'll find the Instructions in Secrets To Quilling Success crystal clear and the Color Pictures bright, detailed, and easy to follow.

Most Importantly, you'll get Everything – and I mean Absolutely Everything – you'll ever Need to Know about Quilling.

I teach you the basics of making coils and scrolls (of course!) but that's only the very beginning; I don't stop there. I'll show you how to quickly create any design you'd like to make with paper, from Lettering and Numbers, Flowers, Holiday Designs and ANYTHING else you can think of to quill.

You'll even know how to make your own Scrapbooking paper embellishments for a Tiny Fraction of the price you'd pay if you had to buy them!

"Here’s what you’ll get with Secrets To Quilling Success 5 DVDs and eManual:"

bullet DVD – Over 6 hours of non-stop, close-up Detailed Quilling shipped right to your doorstep! Watch quilling done right in front of your eyes in real time! Its by far the best and easiest way to learn Quilling.

bullet Manual – Our high quality Downloadable manual (emailed to you) has over 120 pages of Quilling Tips and Secrets plus photos of completed designs and an easy to understand description of all the basics you need to start quilling each pattern!

bullet Materials – You'll discover all the materials needed to start quilling. I'll even give you some options for supplies you can create at home, if you'd prefer not to spend a few dollars purchasing them.
I'll even give you little known tips and secrets on how best to use your supplies that you can't find anywhere else!

bullet Paper – I'll introduce you to the various types of quilling paper. You'll learn a variety of ways to use your quilling strips such as coiling and fringing.

bullet My Mistakes And How To Avoid Or Fix Them – One thing I've realized with quilling is how easy it can be to make small mistakes with one piece of paper, and how that can ruin your project if you don't know how to fix them. I'll give you simple secrets to fixing the most common Quilling problems I've run into so you can save time and avoid headaches.

bullet Quilling Designs and Patterns – The next thing you'll discover is all the basic coils, scrolls, and shapes you need to make quilling patterns. Then you'll be making designs for every holiday, occasion, scrapbook, and interest! You can rest assured that all the creations in this book are my own (copying is a big "No No" especially in the arts and crafts arena) and I've come up with an incredibly fast and simple way to do Quilling with simple paper measurements that I've NEVER seen taught anywhere else before!

If there's an item you want to quill, it will either be in this course or I'll show you how to make it with your own instructions, simple. You'll never need to purchase a pattern again once you learn my secrets!

bullet Dozens and Dozens of Color Photos – forget about squinting and trying to figure out what goes where like those other guides…with Secrets To Quilling Success you'll be able to see the finished product clearly and up close.

That's WAY MORE than you'll find in any quilling book or kit, but believe it or not that's just the beginning of what you'll discover in Secrets To Quilling Success DVDs and Manual!

You’ll FINALLY get answers to questions like these and MANY more:"

bullet How do I make perfect coils and scrolls the same size every time?. (So you can have even designs.)

bullet How do I make my quilling designs beautiful and unique?. (This way your quilling really stands out.)

bullet Do I need to buy an expensive paper fringer to make quilled flowers. (Hint: Answer is NO and I'll show you how to make a variety of gorgeous paper flowers with ease!)

bullet How do I keep my quilling design attached to my scrapbook page, card, or other background?. (There is nothing worse than making a beautiful Quilling pattern and then having it start to peel away)

bullet What are some designs for girls other than flowers?. (You'll learn a variety of patterns for all kinds of girls interests.)

bullet Are there any quilling designs for boys scrapbook pages?. (Certainly! And I'll show you how to make Quilled Trucks, Animals, Trees, and more!)

bullet What sizes and lengths of paper do I need to use for various Quilling designs?. (With my EASY to follow system, you can get this right every time WITHOUT even using a ruler!)

bullet What types of paper are available and what is the best one to use?. (You'll learn all about quilling paper and I'll even give you tips on how to make quilling paper at home.)

bullet How do I make perfect Quilling designs for Holidays and Special occasions?. (Christmas trees, birthday designs, wreaths, snowflakes, pumpkins, and MORE! You can be sure to find plenty of holiday quilling patterns in this course!)

"You’ll get TONS of tips like these to make it easy to learn paper quilling and make beautiful unique designs every time:"

bullet How to make any quilling pattern and NEVER buy a quilling kit or pattern again (HUGE money saver secrets!)

bullet What to do with leftover small pieces of paper instead of throwing it away

bullet How to make the perfect crease every time

bullet The best glues to use for quilling paper

bullet When to use wire and when to sew the center of your bow

bullet Special ways to hold your designs in place while the glue dries

bullet The easiest ways to fix common Quilling errors so it doesn't ruin your design

bullet A simple way to make your coils the same size every time

bullet The best paper to use for your quilling designs

bullet Where to buy inexpensive quilling supplies (paper, glue, tools, and more)

bullet How to jazz up your Quilling with special embellishment ideas

bullet How to use straight pins to hold things in place

bullet How to make your own quilling supplies at home so you don't need to buy everything

bullet Why you don't need a ruler or have to worry about measuring exact lengths to make perfect Quilling designs

bullet The best ways to keep your supplies organized

bullet How to use the most effective amount of glue for your Quilling projects

bullet How to make beautiful quilled flowers without an expensive fringer

bullet Plus a HUGE variety of patterns you can make for any holiday, occasion, scrapbook, or greeting card! (I haven't seen a larger selection of patterns in ANY other course!)

Secrets To Quilling Success will certainly prove to be the Fastest, Easiest, Most Comprehensive Beginner to Expert Quilling course anywhere!

It takes a complicated art and makes it so simple that even children can discover this fun paper craft of Quilling to make perfect paper designs every time. Even if you've already tried Quilling and haven't succeeded you will certainly way to discover my new technique for making simple and easy beautiful quilling designs. Secrets To Quilling Success downloadable manual and 5 DVDs will have the answers you're looking for!

You'll be thrilled you took the first step to the wonderful art of Paper Quilling.

I'm certain that you will not find a better, easier, and more complete Quilling Guide, Book, Ebook, Pattern, or Kit anywhere, on or off the internet! And if you act right away I'll include some really cool ebook bonuses that you'll really enjoy.

Similar products (or the collection of kits you'd need to buy to get all these designs) could sell for $67, $97, even $127 (or more), and they don't even come close to the Treasure Trove of information you'll find in Secrets To Quilling Success, 5 DVDs and downloadable manual Course!

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This ebook is 41 pages long and contains 101 special tips that will help you make your scrapbook pages even better!
Learn how to:
  • Create a curled edge for an unique look for your backgrounds and borders (pg 17)
  • Make playful embellishments and borders using various items such as puzzle pieces (pg 22)
  • Use kool aid dye to make fabulous paper and fabric dye (pg 26)
  • Highlight or shade objects and areas with a simple dry brushing technique (pg 32)
  • PLUS 97 other tips to make every scrapbook page amazing and beautiful!
Best Part: The first fifteen tips in this book are perfect for beginners, but soon you'll gradually be able to move from simple and easy to more complex and advanced.
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Whether you're at home with your kids, or at an event with kids running around everywhere …this is the PERFECT E-book! There are so many fun things to do with kids (AND adults!) that you could literally do one a day for 2 ½ years straight! Perfect CRAFTS and RECIPES for rainy days since you probably already have most of the supplies at home!:-)
Here Are Just SOME Of The Things
You'll Discover IN "Jenn's HUGE Book of Rainy Day CRAFTS and RECIPES"
A Few Of The HUNDREDS Of Reasons Kids Will Love You
  • Making Play Dough From Scratch (multiple recipes!)
  • Make Your Own Diaper Wipes
  • Gelatin Critters
  • Make Homemade Finger Paint (Not For Everyone :-)
  • Dinosaur Food
  • Frozen Yogurt Desserts
  • Cinnamon Ornaments
  • Paint Brush Cookies
  • Magic Crystal Garden
  • Edible Dirt Cups
… And Hundreds MORE Super Fun Ways To Entertain Kids Of ALL Ages! "
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Here are a just a FEW of the craft balls you'll learn how to make:
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  • Birdseed balls
  • Snow balls
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  • Yarn with Sequin balls
Best Part: The decorative craft balls you'll learn to make are a perfect home decoration for any basket, tree, wreath, or large vase. … Just wait until you see the GORGEOUS craft balls you'll be able to make with these simple easy to follow instructions.

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"Jenn's HUGE Book of Rainy Day CRAFTS and RECIPES for Adults and Kids"

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"590 Delicious Chocolate Lovers Recipes You Can Make Easy! "

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"Crafting Decorative Balls for Holidays and Everyday Use "

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